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We offer custom experiences where clients get to choose between 3 experiences. All options include food, a learning activity and entertainment.

Tour duration: Half & Full day

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4Roomed Ekasi Culture

Inspired by the old traditional 4Roomed households in Nyanga/ Gugulethu. Abigail Mbalo (The creative) founder of 4Roomed Ekasi Culture reinterprets old traditional township dishes into new amazing works of art, a treat to all food lovers who appreciate good food and good company.

Kasi Rec

The first shack theatre in Cape Town, Kasi Rec is home to growing culture of actors, writers and directors, unearthing some of the city’s best talent. In this experience guest get have an opportunity to watch a show produced and acted by the students of Kasi Rec.

Thembisa Ratanga

Home to township creative`s, Thembisa Ratanga is named after the informal community of TR section. Have an opportunity to be immersed in a cultural experience where you will eat a home cooked meal, a walk through the community and engaging with the locals.

Siki`s Cofee Café/ Coffee

Enjoy a good cup of coffee made by Khayelitsha coffee specialist Sikelela Dibela. With more than 10 years’ experience in the coffee industry, Siki converted his car garage into a trendy coffee shop for locals and start-up businesses to come and work remotely.

Makhaza Canoeing club

Do the unexpected and join us for a canoeing experience in Makhaza wetland, home to the Makhaza Canoeing club an NPO the offers canoeing lessons to kids from the community.

18 Gangster Museum

Have an opportunity to visit Africa first gangster museum and be guided by ex-offenders as they share with you the story and insights into the culture and history of gangsterism as well as their community.

Ikhaya Garden/ Sand to Soil

Join a food gardening experiences at Khayelitsha oldest community site C, here guests can be part of a social projects that make gardening look for school kids and the surrounding community. Making Gardening look cool and plant a legacy tree and have a home cooked meal with a local.

Church visit

Khayelitsha is a very spiritual community with a dominating Christian population in the area. Join us for a very blessed Sunday morning for a church visit to be part of one many congregations in the South Africa and the biggest Khayelitsha.


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