Sporting Code: The Road so Far


Investing just our time and laptops, the only thing we had to kick start our business was a dream and the will to change Khayelitsha, our community.

And looking back on our first tournament, one cannot help but think of how far we have come, and how far we still have to go.

Sporting Code was never planned as a business, but as a program to counter the social ills happening in our community.

Growing up in Khayelitsha, you get to see and play with al lot of talented individuals who could easily be the next to South African superstars. But because Khayelitsha lacks proper development programs, many were easy influenced by what was happening outside and ended up joining gangs, smoking drugs, getting arrested or simply becoming demotivated.

It’s a shame to see a rising star fall because their environment does not invest in the future, nor care about their wellbeing.

Black society used to be filled with pride and sports were part of our upbringing; our parents understood that in sports we not only had a good time but got taught how to dream, chase your goals and work as a team.

Our first Sporting Code event featured just 8 teams and the only equipment we had at that time was two old school desks, a public park and one soccer ball, but it was enough to set Sporting Code on its way.

Since that event, we have hosted 16 further events featuring 5 aside soccer and netball with guys and girls coming from as far afield as Delft, Gugulethu and Crossroads.

As much as we have grown and reached more people and been featured in different media publications, we always reflect back on that first event and on the people that have assisted us from then until now. We are humbled by our achievements together.

There is a saying we believe in that “It take a village to raise a child” and at Sporting Code we have therefore always been open to outside help. This is how we got to meet the amazing Biggestleaf team, work with netball teams and others in our communities.

We have also been working with schools facilitating coaching clinics for basketball every Wednesday with Khayelitsha Special School. And recently we began working on a campaign to build a school field for Chumisa Primary School. This initiative aims to equip the school with a proper playing field and to highlight the importance of having proper playing fields at township schools.

Through all of this, we have had the opportunity to truly learn the importance of investing in children, and meeting up with different organizations who share our beliefs has showed us that we belong to a bigger eco system.

It is now our journey to not only get people into sport, but to have them understand that we are about building our bodies in a greater sense, growing our knowledge and pushing Sporting Code to be one of the best grassroots development programs in South Africa.

Investing in our children’s future from the earliest of ages is the single most important contribution that we can make. And we encourage anyone that wants to lend a hand or donate resources to join the movement and invest in a child, and thereby invest in South Africa’s future




July 4th, 2016|
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