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The Wellness Indaba is a health awareness conference that seeks to educate people in townships on the importance of what they consume, and how it contributes to their health internally and externally.

Township spaces are filled with people who have unhealthy eating habits and lifestyles, and therefore boast high rates of obesity and chronic diseases. The Indaba is meant to be an engaging platform that will scrutinize and deconstruct this aspect of township life, with a range of experts sharing their knowledge with the broader community.

The Indaba will provide a space to inspire people to want to live healthy lives and be better equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to do so.


  • To educate people on the importance of wellness, to create a platform where the concept of health and living a full life can be dissected to, so that it can be understood by everyone.
  • To create a platform for businesses that are within the wellness sector to showcase the products and engage with the public.
  • To engage and discuss with communities on different elements of wellness .e.g. Financial, environmental, spiritual and social wellness.
  • To motivate businesses, educational facilities, financial structures and governmental departments to


The Indaba is a showcase and discussion event that will feature verious activities like:

  • Showcasing of work by businesses that are within the wellness industry
  • Wellness campaigns
  • Talks by invited guest speakers
  • Practical demonstrations of easy ways to keep fit and eat healthy

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Our Partners:

Espinaca Innovations:

Espinaca Innovations has been a driving force of healthy eating and Nutrition in Khayelitsha township, Gugulethu etc. The company has been working with Khayelitsha hospital and Michael Maphongwane Clinic preaching health education and teaching the people with Chronic and cardiovascular illnesses on the importance of vegetable consumption and healthy eating to lower chances of lifestyle deseases and prevention.

At the wellness Indaba the company intends to continue with its efforts of promoting healthy eating and lifestyle to a vast audience, where the company will also showcase the work that it has been doing in improving communities through healthy eating and nutrition offering and promotion.

Biotic Health:

Biotic Health has a skilled team of nutritionist that have a vast knowledge within the field of wellness, haveing them as officail partner for the Wellness Indaba would increase the service offering of the Indaba. Biotic with it`s experise will be the glue that connects everything togther, it`s objectives of promoting healthy lifestyle is the core principle of the Indaba. And with already existing health intervention programs the Indaba will serve as platform for Biotic to extend it`s services to a different community.