Sporting Code

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Our Vision

Sporting Code is a sports development program that creates, hosts and facilitates educational outings, sports tournaments, coaching clinics and leagues for schools, communities and businesses.

Sporting Code aims to provide structured sporting systems that will allow communities, schools and corporates to use sports as a way to connect, grow and create a healthy, happy and active society.

Currently, most of our programs are primarily geared towards building young people’s mental and physical capacity, unlocking their potential and and ensuring that talented students get the chance and the platform to showcase their skills.

We believe that sport is key to any child’s development and helps create an environment that can improve their communicational skills and discipline, strengthen their physical and mental muscles, and help them grow into tomorrow’s leaders.

At Sporting Code, we want to work towards solving social problems that are prevalent in our communities, including children dropping out of school because they are not academically skilled, lack of physical and emotional support, drugs, teenage pregnancy and gangs.

We hope to push communities into being more active, and to encourage parents to take note of what their children are doing, so that they may better invest in and support their futures.

We believe that our communities can be connected and united through sport, and that this can help us all to grow together.

Our Current Work

At the start of 2016, Sporting Code has already hosted 11 tournaments for both five aside soccer and netball since its inception in early 2015.

Looking to the year ahead, we are currently working with Western Province Netball and the Khayelitsha Netball Union to rebuild Khayelitsha`s netball scene. We also currently work with 3 primary schools where we provide basketball coaching clinics

Over the course of 2016, we will be hosting 10 five aside tournaments that will tour around Khayelitsha, culminating in a family fun day event at the end of the year.

We believe that healthy minds and healthy bodies go side by side. With this in mind, we have organized school spelling bees and educational outings to the Castle of Good Hope.

Then there’s our our exciting #Buildschoolfieldcampaign, which you can find out about here.