ABCD Concepts and Sporting Code recently launched a fundraising campaign with a view to building a brand new sports complex on a currently derelict sports field adjoining Chumisa Primary School in Khayelithsa, where ABCD Concepts co-founder Buntu Matole was himself a pupil some years ago.

The #Buildschoolfieldcampaign initiative is born out of the pressing need to have proper playing fields in township schools. Though Khayelitsha has 61 schools, it is a sad reality that only a small handful have proper playing grounds, and that many local residents have no access to decent sports facilities whatsoever.

See the plans for the sports complex in the gallery below. . .

Through our campaign, we hope both provide a centrally-located and accessible platform for the surrounding community, whilst also further highlighting the importance of investing in childhood development programs.

We believe that the new sports complex would make a significant positive contribution to the lives of the 1000 or so children at Chumisa Primary School, as well as to other schools and sports clubs in the area, and the Khayelitsha community as a whole.

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