About Brands Communities and Designs Concepts

On a daily basis, local newspapers publish stories on the violence and crime that is happening in township spaces. As much as many people complain about this, we at ABCD Concepts saw it as an opportunity to use those stories to come up with innovative solutions for the problems we face in our communities.

About Brands Communities and Designs Concepts (ABCD) seeks to better understand how people live, how communities interact, and how business and brands interact with communities.

We aim to create practical and innovative solutions for people to have better access to resources, live healthy lifestyles and be active, and also to create a platform for businesses and brands to better market themselves in our communities.

Current Projects

Sporting Code

Founded in early 2015, Sporting Code is ABCD Concept’s first initiative. Through educational trips, coaching clinics, tournaments and leagues, this sports development project looks to use sport to nurture our future leaders, connect and unite communities, reduce social ills and create a healthier, happier society.


ABCD Concepts and Sporting Code recently launched a fundraising campaign with a view to building a brand new sports complex on a currently derelict sports field adjoining Chumisa Primary School in Khayelithsa. We believe that this will make a significant positive contribution to the lives of children at the school, as well as to other schools and sports clubs in the area, and the Khayelitsha community as a whole. Make a donation

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